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Pakistani Hindus see Sikhism as their preferred religion

Krishan Singh living in outskirt of Karachi was Hindu, but now a turbaned Sikh, while referring to his motive to become Sikh he said, “When we were Hindus we were common men, but after accepting Sikhism we are now Sardars” According to a report of BBC Urdu service.

Krishn Singh is one of the his family members who became Sikh. There are 40 families living outskirit in Karachi that were Hindus before, now are Sikhs, They are famous for growing water melon, “When we go to city we are offered Lassi, every one see us with love, we are cared and every one meets with us as if our brother” said Krishan Singh.

These Sikhs are now constructing a Gurdwara and seeking attention of international Sikh community to help them, although there are two Manders in village.

Daro Singh, incharge of Gurdwara said “Hindus go to Nankana Sahib and when they receive so much attention and love from Sikh community of Pakistan, France, UK, and USA. The attention and love of Sikh Sangats force them to be Sikhs” Advocate Sardar heera Singh claims that 11 hundred Hindus have become Sikhs till now. It is worth mention that Aram Bagh Gurdwara has been opened in Karachi and govt. is very sincere to facilitate Sikhs community in Pakistan. International Sikh community takes Pakistan as their sincere friend and defender of Sikhis.

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